14 Apr 2010

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  • OWEA Bank Account and Pay Pal Questions
  • Feedback from W3C
  • Next Steps for OWEA XG
  • 2010 Focus Group Reports


  • Mark DuBois
  • Ben Friedman
  • Lars Gunther
  • Doug Schepers
  • Glenda Sims
  • Aarron Walter


Topic: OWEA Bank Account and Pay Pal Questions

account set up, minimal costs
OWEA a part of Knowbility for 501 c 3
need URL to set up OWEA PayPal donate button
discussion about specific URL for PayPal account
Aarron may already have purchased domain name and will communicate to Glenda\will also create email account for that domain name
single page with donate button as starting point
gsims: Suggestion to set a donation challenge to group, seed money, wait until we have the paypal account to set this challenge
shepazu thinks about NPR... are we going to walk into classrooms every 6 months to ask people to donate?
Amazon referral fees idea
note - John "volunteered" to request initial seed money

Topic: Feedback from W3C.

6 major questions

  1. funding for OWEA
  2. What is OWEA's relationship to other W3C work. Other W3C outreach activities? todo: identify outreach efforts in W3C as well as outside we need to coordinate with W3C offices can help with these efforts. Glenda will work on defining these efforts and identifying relationships. should talk with WSRI.
  3. Quality Control - need to address this in white paper (document process)
  4. Scope of Materials - some curriculum can stand test of time vs. current issues that lose relevance quickly
  5. Participation model - need to be more concrete in white paper
  6. Sustainability - provide own resources to support

Topic: Next steps

  • 6 month extension granted to OWEA charter
  • OWEA chairs to meet with W3C CEO in mid-May
  • Web Directions North aiming for late September in Atlanta. Consider keeping a spot on our calendars.

Topic: Good News

Leslie has been accepted into the doctoral program at UTC. See her blog post at http://teachtheweb.com/blog/archive/2010/04/13/is_there_a_doctor_in_the_house

Next meeting will be April 28.