03 Mar 2010

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  • OWEA at W3C Advisory Committee Meeting on March 23
  • White Paper Progress
  • 2010 Focus Group Reports


  • Virginia DeBolt
  • Mark DuBois
  • Doug Schepers
  • Glenda Sims


Topic: 2010 Focus Group Progress.

Model Pilot Programs and Executive Committee are the only two focus groups that show progress in brainstorming goals

Topic: OWEA invited (John and Glenda) to speak at W3C advisory meeting in Boston on March 23.

John is unable to go, but Glenda can make it. Prelim plans to talk as invited expert about the OWEA incubator group. On a panel about opening the participation of the W3C. This will give Glenda a chance to explain what OWEA is and to meet some of the people who have read the White Paper.

Topic: White Paper

Ben has put the White Paper in PDF format. Glenda spotted a few changes that were needed. White Paper is not finalized yet, but is progressing. White Paper should be in HTML format as well. White Paper not due until June, but we don't want to wait that long to finish.

Doug is here! Doug offered to help get the document in the right format for the HTML version

Topic: Focus goals for 2010

Mark reports that the Model Pilot programs have two goals

  1. A set of case studies
  2. A document explaining how you incorporate OWEA/InterAct into a curriculum

Glenda mentioned how grateful everyone is with the leadership Mark has taken in moving us forward.

http: //www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/owea/wiki/Focus2010exec Executive committee goals listed at this point:

  • Function as interium leadership for OWEA by helping each OWEA working group to be successful and moving towards OWEA goals [
  • Establish and clearly communicate OWEA milestones/deliverables for 2010
  • Set up an account for OWEA donations
  • Define criteria/qualifications for OWEA lead
  • Draft structure of a leadership model that can easily cover all 24 hours of a day
  • Recruit, consider and recommend a candidate for the OWEA lead
  • Clarify relationship between OWEA and WSRI

Open Discussion

shepazu: (FYI: I am currently at my local community college, getting ready to attend a meeting.  I've been asked to join the Advisory Committee for the college's Information Technology / Computer Programming degree program, and I intend to steer them toward using OWEA materials)

Glenda says "awesome!"

Feedback and other ideas on any of the focus goals is always welcome.

Next meeting will not be until March 31.