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Proposal: Table of Contents (ToC)

Mandatory Elements

The ToC is composed of records, which contain meta data from the OMM-blocks. Each record of the ToC contains the following mandatory elements:

  • Title
  • Date
  • BlockId
  • Namespace

Additional Elements

In addition to these mandatory elements the following elements will be used:

  • Creator
  • Format
  • Type
  • Subject

The account of these elements is defined in the section "Block Meta Data". A ToC-block is identified with the namespace and contains the same meta data as ordinary OMM-Blocks (title, date, blockid, namespace, ...). The data of this blocks contains the ToC-records in XML-format (see ToC-example). To describe a virtual ToC the data section of the OMM-block remains empty and it is up to the application to create the ToC on the fly by reading and sorting the metadata of all OMM-blocks.


  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
- <toc xmlns:dc="" xmlns:om="">
  - <om:element>
      <dc:title>SemProM core data</dc:title> 
  - <om:element>
      <dc:title>SemProM identifiers</dc:title> 
  - <om:element>
      <dc:title>SemProM structure data</dc:title> 
  - <om:element>
      <dc:title>Front view</dc:title> 
  - <om:element>
      <dc:title>Back view</dc:title> 
  - <om:element>
      <dc:title>Operating manual</dc:title> 
      <dc:creator>Siemens AG</dc:creator> 

See also additional example at meta data page.

Mapping to SemProM Metaformat Version 1.0

  • Title is a new element
  • Date can be mapped to the Creation-Date of the block
  • BlockId can be mapped to the BlockId of the block
  • Namespace can be mapped to the BlockType of the block
  • Creator can be mapped to the Creation-Author of the block
  • Format can be mapped to the ContentType of the block
  • Type is a new element
  • Subject can be mapped to the Meta Tags of the blocks

This approach allows a mapping from the SemProM Metaformat to the OMM-format but not necessarily vice versa.