OMM Block Meta Data Draft

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Proposal: Block Meta Data (by Siemens)

The metadata element set is mainly derived from the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) and complemented with additional elements.

Title (DCMI, mandatory)

A name given to the block. This name will show up in the Table of Contents (TOC) and can be used by applications to communicate the intent of the block to user.

Date (DCMI, mandatory)

Creation date of the block. This date will be used for the initial sort order of the TOC.

Creator (DCMI, optional)

An entity primarily responsible for creating the block. This may be a person, a company or an application.

BlockId (mandatory)

An identifier for accessing the block. This id will be used by applications to read or write the block data.

Namespace (mandatory)

Identification of the semantics of the block. This identification should be sufficient to interpret the block data. Example: http://SemProM/Core/V1.0

Description (DCMI, optional)

The account of the block. Free text. Not relevant for the TOC.

Format (DCMI, optional)

The format of the block. Internet Media Type (MIME-type).

Type (DCMI, optional)

The nature of the block. vocabulary from DCMI Type Vocabulary (

Subject (DCMI, optional)

Topic of the block. Classification codes from a controlled vocabulary. E. g. SemProM-Meta-Tags.

Example: Block Meta Data (by DFKI-IB)

This example combines the meta information described above and ToC with the earlier developed meta data concepts in the omm xg:
(1) = only once
(+) = 1..n
(*) = 0..n

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<omm xmlns="" 
	<!-- OMM HEADER -->
	  <omm:primaryID omm:type="url"></omm:primaryID>
	  <omm:additionalBlocks omm:type="omm_http"></omm:additionalBlocks>
		<omm:element id="12345">
		  <dc:title xml:lang="en">sample title</dc:title> 
		  <dc:date omm:encoding="ISO8601">2011-01-30T18:30:00+02:00</dc:date>
	<omm:block id="12345"> <!-- ID IS MANDATORY -->
	  <omm:namespace></omm:namespace> <!-- MANDATORY (1) -->
	  <dc:title xml:lang="en">sample title</dc:title> <!-- MANDATORY (+) -->
	  <omm:creation> <!-- MANDATORY (+) -->
	    <dc:creator omm:type="duns">19-550-5177</dc:creator> <!-- (1) -->
		<dc:date omm:encoding="ISO8601">2011-01-30T18:30:00+02:00</dc:date> <!-- (1) -->
	  <omm:contribution> <!-- OPTIONAL (*) -->
	    <dc:contributor omm:type="email"></dc:contributor> <!-- (1) -->
		<dc:date omm:encoding="ISO8601">2011-01-31T18:30:00+02:00</dc:date> <!-- (1) -->
	  <dc:description xml:lang="en">sample description</dc:description> <!-- OPTIONAL (*) -->
	  <dc:format omm:schema="" omm:encryption="none">application/xml</dc:format> <!-- OPTIONAL (?) -->
	  <dc:type></dc:type> <!-- OPTIONAL (?) -->
	  <omm:subject> <!-- OPTIONAL (?) -->
		<omm:tag omm:type="ontology" omm:value="" />
		<omm:tag omm:type="ontology" omm:value="" />
		<omm:tag omm:type="text" omm:value="ingredients" />
		<omm:tag omm:type="text" omm:value="manufacturer" />			
		<omm:tag omm:type="text" omm:value="warranty">
		  <omm:tag omm:type="text" omm:value="shelf_life" />
		<omm:tag omm:type="text" omm:value="norms">
		  <omm:tag omm:type="text" omm:value="din">
			<omm:tag omm:type="text" omm:value="e12" />
	  <!-- <omm:linkType>omm-http</omm:linkType> IF BLOCK IS LINK ONLY (?) ==> PAYLOAD CONTAINS LINK -->