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2011-10-07 Agenda

Participants and Scribe

  • Bruno Kiesel
  • Barbara Schennerlein
  • Sven Horn
  • Daniel Schreiber
  • Jens Haupert
  • Boris Brandherm
  • Marc Seißler
  • Alexander Kröner (scribe)

TOP 1 Communicating OMM results

  • W3C Provenance WG
    • OMM is classified in the Prov-WG's informal connection report as an activity of particular interest
    • However, at this point of time the impact of such a statement is not clear
  • W3C Device APIs WG
    • In discussion: OMM API
  • W3C RDFa WG
  • OMM presentation at a workshop of the AIM European RFID Experts Group
    • October 4, 2011
    • Particular interest in a binary OMM format


  • The group decides to submit the XGR on October 17, 2011.
    • October 16, 2011 Internal update submission deadline
  • OMM ToC
    • Motivation needs to be clarified
      • Originally efficient access for a binary format
      • Simplified summary for users and applications (entrance point)
    • Format
      • Namespace vs. format attribute - the figure doesn't communicate that both are applicable
  • Standardized blocks
    • Should be covered at least to some extent in order to create a formal background for structure and id block
    • Jens will prepare a proposal
    • Alexander will mention in the "Discussion" section that this topic might require a review
  • PrimaryID vs ID Block
    • Is a primary ID needed if an ID block is available
      • Bruno argues that the primary ID should only be specified in the header
    • Who creates the primary ID, is it possible to modify it at a later point of time?
      • The primary ID is created by the original memory creator.
      • Only this ID may be referenced from the structure block.
      • The ID cannot be changed in order to avoid issues with lost structure references.
  • Header example in Section 4
    • Basically, the header of the memory containing all of the blocks mentioned in the following use cases.
    • Jens will create this part.
  • Misc
    • Alexander will continue to consolidate the document to distribute it to the members.
    • The members decide to invite external experts for feedback concerning the report.
    • The members don't ask for additional entries in the list of authors.
    • Daniel asks for a review of related work concerning binary representations (Section 2.5).
      • Bruno will check this part.

Next Telco

  • Oktober 14, 2011, 10:00