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2011-09-23 Protocol

Participants and Scribe

  • Alexander Kröner (Scribe)
  • Jens Haupert
  • Barbara Schennerlein
  • Sven Horn
  • Bruno Kiesel
  • Daniel Schreiber

TOP 1 Communicating OMM results

  • W3C Provenance WG
    • Cooperation with connection task force
    • Contribution to informal connection report
  • W3C Device APIs WG
    • In discussion: OMM API
  • W3C RDFa WG
  • OMM presentation at a workshop of the AIM European RFID Experts Group
    • October 4, 2011


  • Final report status
  • Review of topics
    • Barbara: will send all SAP parts at once
    • Bruno: done
    • Daniel: In discussion mit Marc Seißler, use cases done, related work in progress
    • Jens: use cases done, will prepare an HTML proposal for the non-formal and formal description of the OMM
    • Alexander (for Marc): use cases submitted (another update announced), related work in progress
    • Alexander: edited introduction, added text about the W3C grounding and auditory
  • Bruno: Header and Table of Contents (ToC)
    • These sections should be inserted before the other examples
    • The ToC XML example might reference the block XML examples
    • Task: Alexander will discuss the topic with the group once the formal description is available
  • Task: All members are invited to read the document - in particular, contributions of other members!

Next Telco

  • Originally planned: Oktober 4, 2011, 10:00
    • Issue: Conflict wit AIM-D EREG Workshop
    • Task: Alexander will submit an alternative proposal