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2011-09-09 Minutes

Participants and Scribe

  • Scribe: Daniel Schreiber (DS)
  • Ralph Barthel (RB)
  • Bruno Kiesel (BK)
  • Alexander Kröner (AK)
  • Jens Hauptert (JH)
  • Barbara Schennerlein (BS)
  • Marc Seissler (MS)

TOP 1 XG and beyond

  • Distribution of work for Final report Outline
  • send any input to AK
  • first complete draft until 30.09.2011
  • Introduction
    • RB: provide project description Tales of Things
  • Out of Scope
    • dublin core: JH explain relationship
    • object identifiers: BS names existing approaches, and explains our relationship to them
    • modelling and processing of complex events: BS out of scope
    • business process modelling: will be removed
    • business process monitoring/logging: MS contact group of Prof. Dengel (DFKI)
    • generic modelling constructs: will be removed
    • access control: AK cannot be provided (only logging possible)
    • secure access: JH certificates, cannot be guaranteed
  • Related Work
    • physical markup language: AK
    • event logging: RB, text from Wiki is a good starting point
    • provenance group: AK
    • EXI & binary: DS 1st draft wrt. technical aspects, send draft by mail to BS & BK, will check wrt. requirements
  • OMM
    • JH include condensed version of OMM documentation
    • standardized blocks - deferred
  • Use Cases
    • OMM structure needs to be tightly coupled to the use cases
    • Use Case should be concise (especially XML used therein), AK & JH provide example / template for use case
    • Use Cases
      • Event Logging for Process Documentation - BS (SAP) moderates the process for generating first draft
      • User-generated Data for Documenting Object Provenance - RB moderates the process for generating first draft
      • Storing Multiple Identifiers and Classifications - BK (Siemens) moderates the process for generating first draft
      • Collecting Instructions for Future Processes (task knowledge, distributed production, procedural knowledge) - MS (ISS) moderates the process for generating first draft, input from DS (SmartProducts)
      • Object Assembly History (refers to structure block, maybe refer to maintenance use case) - BK (Siemens) moderates the process for generating first draft
      • Linking External Data - 1st draft provided by AK, RB checks if this can be included in provenance
      • (Localization of Objects) - will be included under Event Logging
      • (Maintenance) - will be included under Object Assembly History
      • (Access Logging) - will not be included in final report
      • Data Encryption - there should be a use case for this, JH takes care of this use case

  • Communicating OMM results within the W3C
    • future communication will use official W3C mailing lists for documentation purposes
    • Provenance XG
      • AK participated in telco
      • provenance XG prepares internal report wrt. to external activities, deadline 30.09.2011
    • Ubiquitous Web Activity
      • Slides
      • telco with Philipp Hoschka
      • visible exploitation efforts would help the XG - AK will come up with a wording


  • Discussion: Standardized blocks
    • one option: discuss standardized blocks at the meta-level in the final report
    • better: include our results into final report
    • will be deferred, depending on progress with final report

TOP 3 OMM Binary

  • Discussion: Feedback concerning existing approaches to binary encodings
    • option: include binary format in outlook section of final report
    • Feedback from BK/Siemens
      • reusing existing software is a good idea
      • problem: Thrift is a streaming format, may have consequences for the adopted binary format
      • problem: support for C/C++/.NET is limited

Next Telco

  • September 23, 2011, 10:00
  • additional telco for discussing 1st draft
    • October 04, 2011, 14:00