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2011-06-22 Agenda

Participants and Scribe

Scribe: n/n

TOP 1 Organizational issues

TOP 2 Review of open action points

  • ACTION (Siemens) ToC: A formal XML definition of the ToC is required.
  • ACTION (Siemens) Block Meta Data: This vocabulary needs to be identified on the basis of work from SemProM.
  • ACTION (Siemens) Standardized blocks: An overview of all standardized blocks with their particular metadata (MUST, MAY) is required.
  • ACTION (TU/D?) Lifecycle-oriented blocks: Proposal for maintenance block for further discussion.
  • ACTION (UCL) Storing events: Standardized blocks of type “event” end “event list” should be defined. A limited set of messaging types (integrity violation) should be provided as well as metadata of a standardized event list block.
  • ACTION (SAP) Data Links on the OMM: Standardized blocks of type “link” and “set of links” have to be defined.
  • ACTION (SAP/Siemens) Data Links on the OMM: The relationship between a structure block and a link block requires a deeper analysis.
  • ACTION (TU/D) Modeling Active Behavior: A standardized block and/or metadata for indicating executable content.
  • ACTION (SAP) Access Rights Management: Metadata for access rights and encryption method have to be defined.
  • ACTION (DFKI) Using the Memory: Metadata should be identified, which would support interaction with the memory. A metadata flag “dynamic” should indicate that some block’ content might change.


Next Telco:

  • July 8, 2011, 10:00