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Participants and Scribe

  • DFKI: Alexander Kröner
  • DFKI: Jens Haupert,
  • DFKI: Marc Seißler
  • UCL: Ralph Barthel
  • TU/D: Daniel Schreiber
  • SAP: Sven Horn (scribe)
  • SAP: Barbara Schennerlein


TOP 1 Review of Action Points identified during the F2F Meeting

  • Review of the Protocol of the 1st F2F meeting
    • Binary definition should be only one proposal, focus is set on XML format (now marked as DECISION)
    • The protocol of 1st F2F Meeting is accepted in present form
  • Assigning action points to XG members
    • (proposed) ToC Action Points assigned to Siemens
    • (proposed) First Draft of Block Meta Data also assigned to Siemens
    • (proposed) Standardized Blocks, also first draft from Siemens
      • Approach: Group members support Siemens with proposals of various kinds of standardized blocks; Siemens verifies these proposals in terms of appropriateness (impact on ToC and Block Meta Data)
      • Information may be entered as part of the discussion concerning the OMM Header
      • Discussion: blocks for lifecycle phases standardization or best practice documentation?
        • ACTION: Daniel makes proposal for maintenance block
    • Event List/Storing Events, and marking of important events assigned to Ralph
    • Data Links (first 2 Action Points) assigned to Sven, some paper/ideas already available from DFKI
      • (proposed) 3rd Action Point (relationship between a structure block and a link block) by Siemens once the data link proposal is available
    • Active Behavior assigned to Daniel
    • Access Rights/ Encryption, proposal for the meta data - Sven
    • "Using the Memory" standardized metadata Boris/DFKI
    • idea for a "dynamic flag" - Boris/DFKI
  • Action points should be done until next telco


Next Telco:

  • 22.06.2011, 10:00 (fallback: 24.06.)