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2011-04-29 Agenda

Participants and Scribe

  • Alexander Kröner, Boris Brandherm, Jens Haupert (DFKI-IUI)
  • Sven Horn (SAP)
  • Jörg Neidig (Siemens)

Scribe: Jens Haupert

TOP 1 Review of past Action Points

  • Action point (DFKI/Alex): Check W3C mailing list, forward mail from Siemens
    • Additional material of Jörg Neidig is sent to XG members (include in F2F meeting)
    • Size limit for email attachments: 0.5MB
  • Action point (DFKI/Alex): Set up wiki page for F2F meeting (incl. venue, date...)
  • Action point (ALL): add topics for F2F meeting if needed
    • see Top 3
  • Pending action point (TUD): XML notation of use case Task Knowledge
  • Pending action point (DFKI/Jens): Prepare revised XML format version
    • Conclude pending actions until F2F meeting

TOP 2 AC Rep Meeting

  • Opportunity to advertise the XG, contact other W3C groups, invite additional experts
  • Action point (ALL): Propose actions, groups, experts until May 5
  • Action point: Possible need of slides; DFKI slides put on XG homepage

TOP 3 F2F Meeting

  • Agenda outline
  • Action Point (All): Identification of discussion leads (F2F Top 3+5)
  • S. Horn: Requested presentation about formal progress of XG (+ UseCases) -> done by DFKI @ F2F
  • J. Neidig: Requested to move topics with high necessity of discussion to the end of the agenda


Next telco:

  • 13.05.2011, 10:00