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2011-04-15 Minutes

Participants and Scribe

  • Jens Haupert, Boris Brandherm, Alex Kröner (DFKI-IUI)
  • Daniel Schreiber (TU Darmstadt)
  • Ralph Barthel (UCL)
  • Barbara Schennerlein (SAP)
  • Jörg Neidig (Siemens)

Scribe: Daniel Schreiber

TOP 1 Review of past Action Points


  • How can I obtain a list of all events related to the product (aggregation of multiple blocks)
  • How should structure in blocks be handled (hierarchy, lists)?
    • Mail (Siemens) "Anforderungen und Vorschläge über XML Struktur für zusammengesetzte Objekte"
    • possible result of the incubator group: recommendations on how to structure omm for particular use cases
      • Example "list of events": every event is a block vs. one block with a list of events
  • Is the access list part of the object memory?
  • How to handle read/write rights in a technology independent way?

TOP 2 F2F Meeting

  • presentations of partners and key note talks should be focused on OMM goals, not general introduction of the partners / projects


  • Alex: check W3C mailing list, forward mail from Siemens
  • Alex: sets up wiki page for F2F meeting (incl. venue, date...)
  • ALL: add topics for F2F meeting if needed
  • DFKI: prepare next draft for XML format before F2F meeting
  • Daniel: XML notation of use case Task Knowledge

Next telcos:

  • 29.04.2011, 10:00
  • 13.05.2011, 10:00