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2011-04-01 Agenda


Participants and Scribe

Scribe: N.N.

TOP 1 Review of past Action Points

  • Action point (all): Check current drafts for capabilities and missing features.
  • Action point (all): All examples should be transferred into the XML notation

TOP 2 Accepted XML Notation

  • Discussion: Experiences from the transfer of use cases into the XML notation - limitations, loss of information, complexity?

TOP 3 Linked Structures

  • A model for the representation of linked structures is needed.
  • Do we have to link blocks or the whole memory?
  • SAP + Siemens: Add SemProM structure block information to Wiki ("PSS Demo"); Question 1: Adapt SemProM approach for OMM?; Question 2: What's best practice: address individual blocks or the whole memory?

TOP 4 F-2-F Meeting

  • Selecting topics for the F-2-F Meeting.


  • Action Points
  • Next phone conference: April 15, 2011?