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Protocol: Telco OMG XG



  • Boris Brandherm, Jens Haupert
  • Daniel Schreiber
  • Ralph Barthel
  • Jörg Neidig
  • Barbara Schennerlein, Sven Horn


  • Jörg Neidig

TOP 1 Review of past Action Points

  • Barbara Schennerlein explains the concept behind the Meta-Tags as described in the OMM-XG Wiki. The tags have originally been created in the project SemProM. All participants agreed that the general approach is reasonable, however the exemplary tags should be extended to cover all relevant use cases. It was stated that the use case of swapping data to external sources has not been considered so far, therefore no tags reflect this behaviour.
  • Rolf Barthel explained the RDFa approach to Meta-tags. The general comment was that the approach is not applicable to OMM, because it is not detailled enough to cover the given use cases. The approach might be useful for the use case "swapping of data".


  • Barbara Schennerlein: Add explanatory text to the Meta-Tags
  • All: Add relevant Meta-Tags and comment existing ones
  • Communication focus on the Wiki

TOP 2 Memory organization

Jens Haupert introduces the OMM Block Header and explains how it is used to structure the OMM Memory.


  • Jens Haupert: Add examples

TOP 3 F-2-F Meeting

  • Berlin and Darmstadt have been proposed as meeting place in addition to Saarbrücken and Kaiserslautern.
  • The result of a vote showed no clear favorites
  • The decission was postponed until the upcoming meeting

Next Telco

  • 18th of March. 2011, 10:00 a.m