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2011-03-04 Agenda

Update: due to some deadlines we want to keep the telco short (around 30 min).


Participants and Scribe

Scribe: Siemens

TOP 1 Review of past Action Points

  • Action point: Barbara Schennerlein provides a transcription of remaining parts of SemProM Meta data in editable text.
  • Action point: Ralf Barthels, provides an example for their rdf-based approach.

TOP 2 Memory organization

  • Memory organization should be finalized. Concrete modeling of memory structures. DFKI provides an example how this can be achieved using the SemProM format.

TOP 3 F-2-F Meeting

  • Location has to be determined. Saarbrücken or Kaiserslautern?


  • Action Points
  • Next phone conference: March 18, 2011?