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2011-02-18 Agenda/Minutes


Participants and Scribe

  • Barbara Schennerlein SAP
  • Ralf Barthel UCL
  • Alexander Kröner, Jens Haupert, Boris Brandherm DFKI


  • DFKI


  • [AK] BS, can you provide a transcription of remaining parts of SemProM Meta data in editable text?
  • [AK] RB, can you provide an example for your rdf-based approach?

TOP 2 Basic Features: Metadata

  • [AK]:
    • Index structures are necessary in the OM to provide information where data can be found.
    • DFKI gonna provide an example how this can be achieved using the SemProM format.
  • [RB]:
    • In the [CEE] for event logging dictionary entries are provided.
    • Event logging and access logging should pursue the same approach.
    • Creation time can be retrieved but isn't provided immediately.

Next Conference

  • 04.03. AK cannot participate.
  • Memory organization should be finalized. Concrete modeling of memory structures.
  • Face-2-face meeting at 23.05., location has to be determined.