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2011-02-04 Agenda/Minutes


Participants and Scribe

  • Barbara Schennerlein SAP
  • Sven Horn SAP
  • Jörg Neidig Siemens
  • Ralf Barthel UCL
  • Alexander Kröner, Jens Haupert, Boris Brandherm DFKI
  • Daniel Schreiber TU Darmstadt


  • SAP

Off-topic: Connection problems from last phone conference

  • Audio quality is low, people loose connection
  • W3C assumption: Voice over IP connections of company networks can be a reason
  • Observation: the problem is persisting
  • The members will try to identify an alternative conference option

TOP 1 Review of past Action Points

RB: Event logging standards

  • standard from a non-profit organization
  • specification from Nov 2010
  • description of structure of standardized events
  • options for internationalization
  • see wiki Event Logging - CEE

TOP 2 Use Cases

TOP 3 Basic Features: Metadata

SH: Encoding metadata in the SemProM format

  • Metadata can be stored in two ways: using the block header or the Attribute block
  • Variant: Metadata (Meta Tags) in a block header. Standardized set of keys and values; binary coded; supports standardized access to the memory. (see "SemProM-Metaformat_v1.0.pdf" page 6)
  • Variant: Attribute block - proprietary structure, no standardized format. It supports the flexibility of the approach; however, potential abuse - users might refrain from using the standardized metadata. (see "SemProM-binary-blocks_v1.0.pdf" page 12)
  • both are name/value pairs; which can optionally be mapped to Vocabularies/Ontology's, e.g. using the Namespace data field in Attribute Block
  • Action point: All members (one per project) provide examples of metadata encodings used so far. This can be done by extending the examples given in use case descriptions.

Next Conference:

  • 18.2. ? -Barbara cannot participate, substitute: Sven