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Protocol: KickOff Telco OMG XG



  • Alexander Kröner [AK], Boris Brandherm, Jens Haupert, Jörg Baus
  • Daniel Schreiber
  • Ralph Barthel
  • Jörg Neidig
  • Barbara Schennerlein


  • Jörg Baus

TOP 1 Organization of the XG, Agenda

  • Telco every 14 days
  • The person in charge for the protocol (scribe) changes on a regular Basis
  • It would also be possible to use a chat system (IRC)
  • It is possible to change the design of the Homepage
  • Communication focus on the Wiki

Task of today: Getting to know each other, General Goal -> ref. to the Agenda

Goal: Agreement about the next steps

TOP 2 General Goals of the XG

AK explains the goals and the course of action for the X3C Working Group on the basis of the charta.

  • General goals: Digital Memories as the basis for data logs of objects
  • It's not the goal of the incubator group to model the content of an object memory in detail, this is the task of other groups.

TOP 3 Introduction of Participants

DFKI-IUI focusses on user interaction/interfaces. A topic on interest is how to use digital lifelog for user support. In the project SemProM this approach has been extended to objects.

SAP led and pushed the definition of the SemProM data format. A binary format has already been published. On the basis of this format, a demonstrator is currently developed which:

  • demonstrates standard
  • transfers the binary format to XML
  • verification
  • check the charta for definitions what to do and what‘s the role of distributed product memories

Siemens contributed to the development of the binary (SemProM) format, from the role of a producer for components at the early stage of product memories, which is important in the case of returns ... a general format is very important, old formats from Siemens should stay compatible, the still need many of them -> implies: the new format should be able represent the old ones.

TU Darmstadt contributes results from the EU project Smart Products to the XG. Particular interests include:

  • Using semantic web technologies
  • Efficiency of distributing product memories
  • Self-explaining format and semantics

UCL contributes to the idea of electronic memories with ideas from Tales of Things.

  • Focusing on the user of objects
  • Totem -Tagging System for Objects, Tags are writable
  • The work is focussed on an exploitation of e-memories at a later point in time
  • Example Charity Shops: Information about products, produced from whom....
  • Interested in standardization

TOP 4 How to Proceed

AK presents the roadmap, which is part of the charta.

How can we gather the different interests and results concerning object memories? Next steps:

  • Identification of features needed for an OMM
  • Features should be motivated by use cases
  • In the beginning, focus on main mechanisms and structures, no need to specify every detail

The incubator group has to refine the road-map:

  • First, an analysis of the starting position
  • Second, clearly motivated XML elements on the basis of use cases
  • Third, developing a XML format

TOP 5 Action Points: Who, what, when?

In general, contributions should go to the Wiki. First goal is the selection of use cases.

  • DFKI will elaborate one use case within the next week in order to provide a (proposal for) a use case definition.
  • Siemens, SAP, DFKI will document the SemProM format until the end of January, and map of use cases and examples explored in SemProM to XML structures. Siemens will provide an XML-based examples of the SemProM format and will define use cases focused on the basis of the szenario used for the SemProM project demonstration at January, 20th.
  • All members are asked to provide use cases from their individual positions until the middle/end of January. A first set of use cases from every partner should be available for the next telco

In addition, the group should start preparing a face-to-face meeting.

  • DFKI will set up until the end of January a doodle calendar to fix the meeting date.

Next Telco

  • 14th of Jan. 2011, 10:00 a.m