A Proposal Specification for MAMI

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A Proposal Specification for MAMI

Feb 2011, Contributed by Shin-ichiro KAMEI and Hiroshi YAMADA (NEC)

Our proposal for analysis data transfer interfaces, which includes three-layer architecture and design of the external/internal interfaces.

The detailed specification of our interfaces, which include model schemas for analysis data, the basic structure of analysis data transfer framework, and several serialization examples.

ORIENT Software Development Kit

Feb 2011, Contributed by Hiroshi YAMADA and Shin-ichiro KAMEI (NEC)

Libraries for developing ORIENT-based applications

JAVA libraries which generate/parse ORIENT messages and send/receive messages to/from the analysis data manager.

ORIENT Software Development Kit User's Manual

User's manuals which show how to process the ORIENT message and sample codes. These documents also describe how to use the domain specific data model.

Design Examples of ORIENT Systems

Documents which describe the examples and guidelines of the typical architectures for ORIENT-based applications and analysis engines.