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UseCaseReport separate deliverable Track of comments and pending tasks

Reviews and comments

  • Review from Emmanuelle Bernes sent as .odt file [DONE - comments addressed]
  • Review from András Micsik:
    • the heading style of scenarios within clusters in the generalized list makes it harder to read the document and to see its structure. Scenario

titles are bolder than cluster titles and thus are too much emphasized --> I think this is true, but is caused by the wiki styles for headings. It should be taken into account for the final HTML deliverable doc.

    • there would be an option to avoid the long listing of individual use cases? It is too long to be read by any usually busy colleague. The one

paragraph texts are too long for grasping the LD relations, and too short to understand the case fully. Possibilities would be:

      • to filter some favourite use cases for each cluster.
      • to provide visual groupings of clickable use case titles (without Use Case prefix, preferrably). By clicking on the title, the reader would get the full use case. Groupings can be based on (1) the original clusters, (2) imaginary use cases and working services/prototypes, (3)'atomic' use cases describing a well-defined and focused functionality (e.g. Use Case Subject Search) vs. generic services (e.g. VIAF) vs. content-centric approaches (e.g. Civil War Data 150).


  • Review capitalization (follow the conventions in main report):
    • Use sentence case for headings [DONE]
    • Make consistent use of terms (Linked Data vs. linked data, web site vs. websites, etc.). [DONE, not updated in the wiki yet]
    • Decision: keep use case names using upper-case as they are defined on each individual page.[DONE]
  • Correct typos (found in EB and Jodi reviews) [DONE, not updated in the wiki yet]
  • Rewrite bibliographic data extracted use cases section following the same style used in other clusters.
  • Include complete acknowledgments