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Maybe we can have a discussion on each part of the template and decide if we keep it / drop it / edit it. Following the discussions we already had, we could start with the following :

  • Name -> has to represent the use case scenario as well, not only the domain in which it takes place

Antoine: In fact we should be careful to remove the comments re. the wiki name on the template to be sent by mail!

  • Owner -> no problem, keep

Jodi: Keep for curation; the 'owner' should be the person who submitted it and the person(s) who curated it

  • Background and Current Practice -> no problem, keep
  • Goal -> to be edited to make it clear that it's meant to be the goal of the actor in the scenario, not the goal of the use case in general
  • Use Case Scenario -> has to highlight the actor and his interaction with a system
  • Target Audience -> added by Joachim. The group finds it useful but it should be optional. To be edited : we need to add guidelines on how to fill it.

Antoine: +1 for optional, and I'd put it before the "Use case scenario" section. As explanation I suggest: [ The main audience of your case. for example scholars, the general public, service providers, archivists... ]

  • Application of linked data for the given use case -> not discussed yet. Is that clear to everyone ?
  • Existing Work -> to be edited to add prototypes

Antoine: Suggestion: [ This section is used to refer to existing technologies or approaches which achieve the use case (Hint: Specific approaches in the library domain). It may especially refer to running prototypes or applications ]

  • Related Vocabularies -> no problem, keep
  • Problems and Limitations -> not discussed yet. Is that clear to everyone ?
  • Related Use Cases and Unanticipated Uses (optional) -> not discussed yet. Is that clear to everyone ?
  • Library Linked Data Dimensions / Topics -> confusing. Drop it, or keep it only for curation ?

Antoine: +1 for dropping it from the version we should circulate by mail.

  • References -> no problem, keep
  • Prototypes and Applications -> added by Joachim. Drop it: content to be put under "existing work".