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A review of the DCMI Abstract Model with scenarios for its future asks if Dublin Core Application Profile (DCAP) should use OWL with closed-world assumptions. This example was created to demonstrate the possibility.

This example is derived from FIG 6. General DCAP Domain Model in FRBR: A generalized approach to Dublin Core Application Profiles.

General DCAP Domain Model (original)

The model represented in UML

The model represented in OWL

The model represented in XML Schema

  • http://alcme.oclc.org/dcap/model.xsd
  • OWL cardinalities are mapped to XSD minOccurs and maxOccurs
  • The conversion from OWL to XML Schema could be automated if the RDF/XML structure is kept flat
  • XML Schemas that pulled in more of the graph structure would need special attention

A "Work" individual modeled in OWL and constrained by XML Schema

A more complete example