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Two mailing lists have been created for the purpose of the XG :

  • LLD Public mailing list
    • Community list, anyone can join
    • For public comments and discussion and for interaction between the XG and the public. (From the XG charter: "Fostering collaboration among actors (libraries, museums, archives, publishers) interested in porting cultural assets to the Linked Data Web.")

What to post on the lists

Topics which should be posted to public-xg-lld only

  • telecon regrets
  • logistics issues with phone calls, IRC, wiki etc.
  • draft minutes for comments
  • meetings schedule & organization (both F2F and telecons)
  • task groups set up

Topics which should be posted to public-lld only :

  • event announcements
  • references and links
  • off-topic discussions

Topics which may be cross-posted on both lists :

  • telecon agenda
  • final minutes
  • task groups discussions
  • task groups reports