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2010-09-07: SUPERSEDED - PLEASE SEE http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/wiki/JointMeeting2010

October 22: Joint meeting LLD XG with DCMI Architecture Forum

Current schedule: Friday, 22 October, 14:00-17:30 with break Title: Application Profiles for Linked Data: Models and Requirements

This two-part meeting will look at current approaches to application profiles -- methods for documenting the content of descriptive metadata to promote the design of compatible metadata applications and maximize the coherence of metadata in a Linked Data environment. Starting with a review of the approach based on the DCMI Abstract Model, including the Description Set Profile constraint language and Singapore Framework for Dublin Core Application Profiles, the meeting will also consider other emerging approaches to specifying and documenting metadata patterns for use in Linked Data. By taking a fresh look at requirements in a rapidly evolving environment, this meeting aims at identifying and prioritizing areas where future work may be needed.

Description in program:


Attendees (please add your name):

  • Emmanuelle Bermes
  • Bernard Vatant
  • Alexander Haffner
  • Kai Eckert
  • Antoine Isaac
  • Lars G. Svensson
  • Jon Phipps
  • Marcia Zeng
  • Karen Coyle (not 100%; have meeting conflict)
  • Jeff Young


  • Jodi
  • Ross Singer
  • Anette Seiler
  • Kim Viljanen