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LLD XG Final Report: Authors and Reviewers by section

Reviews on general document:

  • Kim: review, ack'd
  • Juha Hakala, National Library of Finland: review, ack'd
  • Jonathan Rees review, ack'd Antoine
  • James Weinheimer [1] fwd by Karen Coyle
  • romain Wenz, from Bibliothèque nationale de France [2]

Specific sections:

Section Authors Reviewers
DraftReport#Executive_Summary - fill out to one page need authors first need authors

Bernard suggests including a sentence on Vocs preservation & curation ack'd

Benefits#.22Library_Linked_Data.22:_Scope_of_this_report Tom, Jodi everyone (ACTION DONE)

René van der Ark, National Library of the Netherlands: review, ack'd

Dickson: review, ack'd (offline) handled

Benefits#Benefits_of_the_Linked_Data_approach Ed, Emma, Ross Oreste: review, ack'd

Dickson: review, ack'd (offline), handled

Felix: review, ack'd

Draft_Vocabularies_Datasets_Section Antoine, Jeff, Marcia, William Guenther

Alex: review, ack'd, [3], discussion ongoing Antoine

Draft_Relevant_Technologies Jeff Fumihiro: review, ack'ed, handled

Jon: review, ack'd, partial handling, partial handling, handled

Marcel: review, ack'd, no action needed Nicolas Chauvat: suggestion/add WW: ack and suggested wording

Gordon: review, ack'd

Draft_issues_page Karen, Peter, Tom, Gordon, Jodi Ray: review, ack'd, answer, remaining issues

Lars: review, ack'd

Michael H.

Draft_recommendations_page Karen, Peter, Tom, Gordon, Jodi Glenn


Kai: review, ack'd

Kim: sent as part of his general review

Jeff: review, ack'd (offline)

Lukas Koster comments: comments, ack'd Karen Coyle [4]

Vocabulary_and_Dataset separate deliverable Antoine, Jeff, Marcia, William Monica: review, ack'd, discussion ongoing, discussion ongoing Antoine, discussion ongoing Marcia

Bernard review, ack'd, discussion ongoing, discussion ongoing, discussion ongoing Antoine

UseCaseReport separate deliverable Daniel Jodi: review, ack'd, answer, discussion ongoing comments, ack'd Daniel

Discussion ongoing in individual use cases Antoine