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Wiki-to-HTML conversion: Style


  • "e.g.," and "i.e.," (with comma) - not "i.e." and "e.g."
  • "re-use", not "reuse" [kc: we have "re-use" and "reusable". Is this ok? js:that seems fine to me]
  • Use of commas as in: "one, two, and three"


  • Proper Nouns
    • Semantic Web (when referring to the W3C effort and standards)
    • Library Linked Data (only in the context of the names Library Linked Data Incubator Group, CKAN Library Linked Data group, or Library Linked Data community)
    • library Linked Data (when just talking about library linked data generally)
    • Linked Data (even when used as an adjective)
    • Open Data (because it is in upper case in the Scope section)
      • But: library data
    • Web (when referring to THE World Wide Web)
      • But: websites, web of data
      • Note: Web pages
    • Incubator Group (do _not_ refer to "LLD" or "LLD XG")
  • Note:
    • web (as a general adjective: a web of links)
  • Acronyms:
    • Make sure each acronym gets spelled out (e.g., "Resource Description Framework") before it is used.
    • Decide whether to use acronym or just spell out.

Spelling and Acronyms

  • US spelling of "cataloging" (not cataloguing)
  • OWL Web Ontology Language (not "Web Ontology Language (OWL)")
  • "RDFa" should be expanded to "RDF in Attributes (RDFa)" or "Resource Description Framework in Attributes (RDFa)" (depending on whether the acronym "RDF" has been expanded earlier in the text).

How to refer to libraries

The Scope section says: "Library. The word 'library' as used in this report comprises the full range of cultural heritage and memory institutions including libraries, museums and archives."

Therefore, variants such as the following should USUALLY turned into "library":

  • "Libraries"
  • "cultural organizations (including libraries)"
  • "libraries, archives, and museums" ("memory institutions")
  • "library and memory-institution professionals"

Other issues

  • Headers
    • Highest-level sections: Title case: "Scope of this Report"
    • Lower levels: Sentence case

W3C Manual of Style


filtered pubrules]

Post-processing the HTML

  • Make sure that em-dashes ("--") are rendered correctly.
  • Add section numbers in the HTML version
  • Replace "side deliverable" with the names of and links to these documents.
  • Add abbr tags with title attributes for all abbreviations after the first, spelled-out occurrence (see W3C Manual of Style)
  • Search for any href starting with and replace it with an appropriate, more permanent URL, if available
  • Try to put elements and values in courier font, as in
  • there are links to wiki pages that will remain as wiki pages; will those URLs change?


  • See if there are easy conversions to produce other formats (e.g. PDF and EPUB)