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Check if and how to use SKOS to describe integrated KOS or mapping results. [marcia, keckert]

From the F2F Minutes :


what's integrated?

marcia: making connections between vocabs; alignments ... generate superstructure behind linked vocabularies, like UMLS and HILT ... use case bernard and gordon from user point of view find things without being aware of underlying diff vocabs ... available tool or facility; still gap if it's not linked data

kcoyle: include in use case exploration:

GordonD: existing research into relations that appeared. ... a while ago, a group came up with 15 relations for vocabulary alignment. SKOS looked at this and rejected the complexity. But there is a requirement for something more complex than SKOS, particularly in the subject area, in order to provide terminology services to end users. ... simplistic relations are not adequate for use case in cluster of vocab merging

marcia: could be use case based on that ... Terminology mapping backend - available terminology registries - already there, but no link yet with Linked data environment.

emma: put in use case

michaelp: terminology registry use case or a mapping use case?

GordonD: use case that refers to existing research papers; This problem has been well-researched, HILT reports on interoperability - show the complexity. ... we can re-use the SKOS use case for HILT and cite them here - also important in establishing the relationship between SKOS and ...

ACTION: GordonD and antoine to study use cases that relate to vocabulary merging use case [recorded in]"

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