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From the F2F [Minutes] :


into requirements

TomB: ld principle that URI resolve to representation

antoine: could we refer to webarch?

TomB: part of TBL's four points

LarsG: not particular topic for lld

emma: do we need to address namespace policy?

TomB: yes, libraries should have persistence policies, and principles for vocab evolution ... can URI be repurposed? can meaning evolve?

kcoyle: issue what do you do with multiple copies? how do you identify them? ... important part of structure people need to understand; lot in here that people need to understand so that they do proper LD

antoine: nothing library-specific about it

kcoyle: libraries bring up interesting cases ... library experience should inform web experience

marcia: other communities gathering resources have no clear roadmap


antoine: Europeana experience: for the moment URIs for digital objects are handled quite badly, after a while URIs are dead ... library practice in web context is poor ... we cannot improve that

emma: should say that practice should be better

LarsG: put persistent identification and resolution services into requirements"

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