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Editor: Daniel Vila Suero


Credits are due to the following LLD XG members for their work on organizing the use case survey, clustering the use cases gathered and describing the resulting clusters: Mark van Assem, Asaf Bartov, Emmanuelle Bermès, Uldis Bojārs, Karen Coyle, Ray Denenberg, Gordon Dunsire, Kai Eckert, Alexander Haffner, Antoine Isaac, Martin Malmsten, András Micsik, Tod Matola, Peter Murray, Joachim Neubert, Michael Panzer, Jodi Schneider, Ed Summers, Stu Weibel, Jeff Young, and Marcia Zeng.

We gratefully acknowledge contributions of individual cases from the community: @@TODO: list authors of individual use cases not yet ack'ed.

Owen Stephens contributed experience report from the JISC Open Bibliographic Data Guide.