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To all coders of Federated Social Web implementations:

Do you use your project's code to publish your personal site?

If not, why not, and when will you? #throwingdown

If you're not willing to use your code to participate personally in the Federated Social Web, why should anyone else?

(Obviously applies to implementers. Designers, substitute your design for your code etc.)


Q. Are you asking why I don't write my own code to publish my site?
A. Yes, and why you don't use the code you do write to publish your site.

Q. What if I use a platform like MediaWiki to power my site?
Q. What if I use an OAuth library developed by somebody else?
Q. What if I install an OAuth library into my WordPress site?
A. Of course you can include other code also.

Q. What are you referring to by saying "your code"?
A. The code you're writing and claiming to be part of the Federated Social Web.

The point is, if you want other people to run your code, then you should run it first, yourself, on your own domain, as your identity.

If you're not willing to put your identity behind your code, then why should anyone else?

Tantek 06:13, 22 July 2010 (UTC)

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