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  • Social web acid test v0
    • Daveman492 uploads a photo from his phone to one service
    • Daveman492 tags the photo with Tantek
    • Tantek gets a notification that he's been tagged
    • Evan, subscribed to Daveman492, and sees the photo on another service
    • Evan comments on the photo
    • David and Tantek get notifications that Evan has commented on the photo
  • The SWAT test
  • Use the mailing list (<= Question from @eschnou: which mailing list ?)
  • Will not schedule another meeting

  • Comment by @eschnou (onesocialweb): Great idea guys. I'm sorry I was not able to attend. This session seems to have been a great one. I would add/precise a couple points:
    • This flow happens in 'private' (otherwise it is trivial)
      • CITATIONS NEEDED. If this "is trivial" (in public), then please provide URLs to: a) the 2+ sites which implement this, b) the 2+ codebases that those sites used to implement this, and c) the public URLs of the photo posting, the notification of being in the photo, the comment, the notification of the comment. I have a feeling you may have misunderstood the SWAT (in which case we should improve the wording). — Tantek 22:18, 19 July 2010 (UTC)
    • tantek gets the notification, although he is not 'subscribed' or 'friend' with daveman (to illustrate unsolicited cross-domain @replies type of flows)
    • I'm not sure that tantek should receive the comment notification, we explicitely move away from this in onesocialweb due to the Ashton Kutcher problem (I still need to blog about that one). There are also some interesting issues in scoping privacy of comments. Happy to discuss these points more.
      • Please provide a URL to a real world example of the "Ashton Kutcher problem" otherwise, not buying it. — Tantek 22:18, 19 July 2010 (UTC)
    • Finally, as far as I can understand it, it is worth pointing that Onesocialweb is already passing the test.(CITATION NEEDED) This flow works great across the federation and we already have two independent server implementation (our own in Java on Openfire, and a first release in Erlang on Ejabberd), and various client implementation (our own web/mobile and at least two independent third party clients: a stropheJS one, a QT based one). So, maybe you want to add somewhere you want this to be HTTP only :-p
      • Somewhere it has to support HTTP because this is after all the Federated Social *WEB*. More citations needed - please link-up the sites/codebases that you claim can pass this test now so someone can independently attempt to verify it. — Tantek 22:18, 19 July 2010 (UTC)



This section is incomplete. You can help by expanding it.