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connecting implementations

One of several time slot 1 sessions.

what does your implementation support

  • syndicate?
    • Atom?
    • hAtom?
    • RSS 2.0?
    • MediaRSS?
    • Activity Streams (AS)?
  • Real-time
    • PubSubHubbub (PuSH)?
    • FriendFeed Simple Update Protocol (ffSUP)?
  • discovery?
    • webfinger
    • relme
  • auth?
    • oauth consume/provide
    • openid consume/provide
  • friends list?
    • XFN?
    • FOAF?
    • PoCo?

Raw notes

What’s available today:

Syndication PuSH / Real-time Discover & Verify: WebFinger Rel=Me Auth Friend list Sync (XFN, FOAF, PoCo) Add Friend / Follow Notes
Appleseed X; Pull, not push based X WebFinger style Similar to OpenID X X All internal protocol; Focused on building the user end first
BuddyCloud ASms Atom PuSh WebFinger; but only BC Done by Email srvc User roster X Completely XMPP-based; Salmon is currently broken
Falcon hAtom and Atom+AS[1] PuSH Rel=Me X XFN X
Geoloqui / IceCondor JSON X X OpenID; OAuth X X
Open Micro Blogger RSS RSS Cloud XRDS OpenID Consumer ASms includes PoCo REST API to follow
Personal Data Store XDI; under development: Atom under development: PuSH XRI resolution; under development: LRDD/XRD Log-in; XDI link contracts XDI X (via XDI Address Book) internal data model / protocol: XDI; various connectors for other protocols
StudiVZ MediaRSS Push-out Tweets X Log-in; Aspiring OpenID Via OpenSocial X?
Windows Live (WL) Atom X X OAuth WRAP X X

Compare also:

What is a sample URL for a user?

Appleseed -
Geoloqui / IceCondor<your_openId_url>
Personal Data Store
StudiVZ (with a link to English UI)
WL Msgr

Short-term opportunity:

  • Basic discovery of a feed from a profile:
    • <link rel=”alternate” …/> on Profile page
  • Consumption of an activity feed from a service

Misc. Notes

  • Open social web should focus on basic friend’ing and following
  • Mutual relationships determine access

Other locales (ex: Germany, France) have higher barriers of what personal data can be used for

BuddyCloud needs HTTP PUT for WebFinger

Interesting concepts:

  • Local user vs. Remote user
  • Cache’d user (who is refreshed) vs. copy


  • De-dupe’ing to prevent loops
  • Maintaining the source ID or similar so that original ID’s
  • Sad reality: keep your own ID in-band in the actual message (ex:



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Attending the session: (by last name)

  • Tantek Çelik (Falcon)
  • Michael Chisari (AppleSeed)
  • Rob Dolin (Windows Live)
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