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By adding the public domain license template to your user profile page, you can ensure that your contributions to the community wiki and mailing lists are available as openly as possible. As more users choose to adopt it, much of the wiki's content will become available under clear, free terms.

You can add it to your profile by 1) logging in, 2) clicking on your name at the very top of the web page (the username link on the right side has a little "person" icon), 3) clicking Edit (or ctrl-E(mac)/alt-E(windows)), 4) pasting the following text into the bottom of your page, and 5) clicking Save (ctrl-S(mac)/alt-S(windows));


See the list of those that have already done so.

Why Public Domain?

Inspired by Wikipedia and, there's a new template that you can add to your profile to indicate your support for this option, which ensures the broadest possible reuse of your contributions in future discussions, specifications, and in other media such as books.

What difference will this make? If enough contributors eventually support this, entire pages of the wiki will become public-domain works, not just their individual snippets.


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