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Review of Emergency Management Taxonomies

The following are taxonomies, vocabularies, ontologies that are relevant to Emergency Management.

EIIF Framework Controlled Vocabulary

Controlled Vocabulary Page

Event Type Taxonomies

The International Emergency Disasters Database (EM-DAT)

Summary The main objective of the database is to serve the purposes of humanitarian action at national and international levels. It is an initiative aimed to rationalise decision making for disaster preparedness, as well as providing an objective base for vulnerability assessment and priority setting. EM-DAT contains essential core data on the occurrence and effects of over 16,000 mass disasters in the world from 1900 to present. The database is compiled from various sources, including UN agencies, non-governmental organisations, insurance companies, research institutes and press agencies.
Type/Scope Event/hazard classification
Responsible Universite Catholique de Louvain
Specification Website (note - permission would be required to implement this taxonomy, but it would be useful to ask the EM-DAT maintainers to considerable making the taxonomy and definitions available for implentation)
Representation Text

Human Interface / Symbols

Homeland Security Working Group - Emergency Management Symbology

The Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Homeland Security Working Group has been tasked to develop a standard set of symbols for use by the Emergency Management and First Responder communities at all levels of need (i.e. National, State, Local and Incident).


  • Symbology such as this also needs an underlying code table standard to represent symbol values in the database to enable mapping of feature types to their representation via symbols --Gavin Treadgold 18:32, 2 March 2008 (EST)

ANSI INCITS 415-2006

Homeland Security Mapping Standard – Point Symbology for Emergency Management

Glossaries and Terms


Fema Glossary


Glossary of Humanitarian Aid and Emergency Terms & Acronyms http://users.on.net/~donc/sahana/sahana_draft_domain_glossary.pdf

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