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CDEP ExamplesCDEP Examples in RDFDecisionML FAQ
DecisionML Working Group CharterDecisionML Working Group Charter (Draft)Decision Components Revision 02
Decision Incubator ReferencesDecision Incubator ScheduleDecision Incubator Tools
Decision Incubator Tools/CollectionsDecision Incubator Tools/FAQDecision Incubator Tools/ODP Tour
Decision Incubator Tools/OWL TutorialDecision Incubator Tools/OWL Tutorial HintsDecision Incubator Tools/SPARQL CONSTRUCT
Decision MeetingsDecision Mtg 10 AgendaDecision Mtg 11 Agenda
Decision Mtg 12 AgendaDecision Mtg 13 AgendaDecision Mtg 14 Agenda
Decision Mtg 15 AgendaDecision Mtg 16 AgendaDecision Mtg 17 Agenda
Decision Mtg 18 AgendaDecision Mtg 19 AgendaDecision Mtg 1 Agenda
Decision Mtg 20 AgendaDecision Mtg 21 AgendaDecision Mtg 22 Agenda
Decision Mtg 23 AgendaDecision Mtg 24 AgendaDecision Mtg 25 Agenda
Decision Mtg 26 AgendaDecision Mtg 2 AgendaDecision Mtg 3 Agenda
Decision Mtg 4 AgendaDecision Mtg 5 AgendaDecision Mtg 6 Agenda
Decision Mtg 7 AgendaDecision Mtg 8 AgendaDecision Mtg 9 Agenda
Decision Usage ScenariosDecisions and Decision-MakingDraft Final Report
Draft Working Group CharterEDXL OverviewFinal Report Background and Need
Final Report Decision ComponentsFinal Report Decision Components And PatternsFinal Report Introduction
Final Report Issues & ChallengesFinal Report Ontological Patterns & SolutionsFinal Report Requirements
Final Report SOAFinal Report Sample Decision OntologyFinal Report Security
Final Report Use CasesMain PageMethodological Approach
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Use Case Info Flow ProgressUse Case InteroperabilityUse Case Measuring Info Flow
Use Case Metrics ProgressUse Case Metrics for Auto AssessmentUse Case OLD Core Decision Model
Use Case OLD Explorations 1Use Case Open Linked DataUse Case Situational Awareness
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