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Decision Meeting #21 Goal & Agenda


The dial-in information for this week's meeting is here. The Decision Incubator Activity is intended to explore the use cases and design of a Decision Representation format (e.g. in XML, RDF, OWL…) available on the wiki along with its use by participants in testbed settings for experiments and exercises. Each meeting will be an opportunity to summarize progress & contributions to the wiki, review next steps and action items, and to review the current representation format.

Summary from the Last Meeting

At our last meeting #20 (see minutes), we reviewed a question prototype format submitted by Piotr Nowara. Piotr pointed out some lessons learned from modeling the question: (1) some kinds of questions can be represented significantly easier than others;the more challenging requiring assignment of truth or falsity to a triple; (2) You need a domain ontology to model certain types of questions, and (3) when modeling questions you need to deal with static concepts, for example we can have a doctor needing to solve a problem, what drug should I prescribe, normally you wouldn't have such fuzzy concepts in your ontology, but for questions you need them. We also reviewed the remaining needed decision components. Eva noted that we'll need a minimal decision format that contains the minimal set of components of a decision, i.e. our core model, and then a few extensions of this that shows how it connects to the other patterns and possibly other formats as well, for different use cases. Eva also noted that automated conversion of XML into RDF is possible with some tools and we could use this on the decision component patterns and then extend this into an OWL format. Jeff suggested that next time we consider looking at complete examples of a decision format as an initial attempt to reach the goal of the remaining time of the incubator to provide one or more decision formats.

Goal for this Meeting

At this January 27th, 2011 meeting of the Decision Incubator, we will review an updated version of Piotr's Question pattern ontology that provides a complete decision example. We'll also consider any other component format contributions by participants to generate a decision format. We'll take a look at who might contribute what parts to the final report and suggest a timeline for completing it. We'll also review participant interest in extending our incubator activity into a formal working group.


The following agenda items will be discussed at the next meeting. The topic, time, summary and discussion leader are provided for each agenda item.

(0) Introductions & Agenda Overview (5 min, Jeff)

We'll briefly consider the current status and agenda items for any suggested changes.

(1) Question Pattern Update (20 min Piotr Nowara)

Piotr will review a complete decision example utilizing the updated Question Pattern ontology.

(2) Review of Final Report Sections and Which Participants are interested in Contributing (10 min Jeff/Eva)

Eva and Jeff will help lead a review and discussion of the sections of the final report, what they might contain, a parallel paper and see who might want to contribute to the writing effort.

(3) Review Participant Interest in Continuing Work as a formal Working Group (15 min Jeff/Eva)

Eva and Jeff will help lead a review and discussion to gauge level of interest in continuing work towards a standard format.

(4) Around the Horn (15 min All)

We'll see if we can visit with each of our participants to get an update on latest activities in representing or modeling decisions, security, situation reporting, higher-level decision components or other issues relevant for decision-making.