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This is the wiki for the Rich Web Application Backplane Incubator Group


Link to page on Financial Services demo application

General information

Main page for the Incubator Group (XG)

Public mailing list



Panel at the 2006 Tech Plenary

W3C Note on the Rich Web Application Backplane

Minutes of the November, 2007, Amsterdam meeting on the Backplane

Meeting report for the Amsterdam session

XG Telecon minutes

Please see Public mailing list

Links to open source libraries relevant to the Backplane

Ubiquity library for XForms

List of active topic pages

Draft presentation for TPAC 2008

See uploaded draft

Submission: data serialisation, submission, and error-handling
Model: data and state representation

Backplane data model in Dojo

Eventing: generating, catching and dealing with events

XML Events 2

Intent-based events: separating user actions from particular hardware bindings
Access: specifying bindings to input methods
Navigation: consistent navigation through compound documents
Enabling various host languages as Backplane containers

Using Dojo widgets as custom controls in the Backplane