Session 12: Next steps 


The workshop attendees were definitely interested in extending SSML.  


Jim explained that there are three major phases to developing a standard: (1) agreeing on what the requirements are, (2) developing the specifications, and (3) implementing the new features to verify that they are implementable.  Most of the attendees present indicated that they were willing to work on all three phases, subject to approval by their management.  


Jim explained that W3C members can submit written proposals to the W3C, and encouraged Iflytek to submit their CSSML language description to the W3C. 


We discussed the possibility of holding another workshop to learn about other major languages such as Arabic, Hindu, Russian, and Turkish.  While the W3C members present thought this was a good idea, most of the Asian attendees did not show as much enthusiasm.  


Jim summarized the meeting as being very informative and useful.  We uncovered many issues during the two days of discussion, and explored various alternative solutions to many of the solutions.  


Jim will summarize the results of this workshop and present them to the W3C Voice Browser Working Group, and recommend that the W3C begin the next version of SSML. 


Jim thanked Jerry Shuang for hosting this workshop and his help with the logistics and recruiting.  Jim thanked everyone for coming and participating.  


This workshop was a great success.