Section 2 – Diacritics for Auto-completion 

Scribe by Helen Meng 


Przemyslw Zdroik and Krzysztof Majewski represented Polish telecom and gave a talk entitled, “Telekommunikacja Polska: An extension to the <say-as> element for diacritics auto-completion”. 


The speakers came from the R&D center of Polish telecom and they work on the vocal services section. 


They outlined four subjects related to the topic: 

        Nature of the problem

        Similarities among other languages

        Possible solutions



Definition of Diacritics 


The reasons why polish diacritics sometimes disappear 

        Not possible to type or difficulty to type

        Create difficulties for codepages

        Pruned on WWW-SMS gateways


The emergence of quasi-Polish text (without diacritics) 

        Is not orthographicaly correct

        Not up to netiquette

        Is not Polish

        Cannot be transformed into polish with simple substitution rules

        Speech synthesized from this text may be incomprehensible


The fact about quasi-Polish: 


Discussion How should we classify the problem?


Consider the example of quasi-Polish as a language of communication in instant messaging 



Question & Answer Session: