Comparing Media RSS formats


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Or How to deal with Multimedia in RSS 2.0.

Recently, both Yahoo! (and collaborators) and Apple have proposed formats to deal with RSS Enclosures.

Company Yahoo Apple
namespace yes (often media) yes (often itunes)
  • Yahoo:
  • Apple:
category category takes two attributes scheme and label. The scheme helps to specify the URI of the schema Only the category of iTunes can be used. You can't use another schema. No attributes.
adult adult with true or false explicit with yes or no
title title subtitle
description summary text
attribution credit. It has an attribute role very similar to XHTML 2 author
length an attribute of the content element duration
keywords keywords
owner name and email of the owner of the podcast (could be FOAF)
artwork thumbnail image
protection block
copyright they seem to encourage the use of CreativeCommons copyright
Website link
Grouping group
contentcontent. it helps to define the physical nature of content and give parameters to control it. (video, mp3, etc.) Apple doesn't propose anything, because it's only for MP3?
hash hash. the hash of the media file
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