Edit ACTION-1056: Complete an erratum to modify section 6.1.1 for XForms 1.0 as follows: The type model item property can be applied to both elements and attributes. The type model item property is not applied to instance nodes that contain child elements. The type model item property associates a datatype (bib ref to XML schema part 2) with the string value (bib ref XPath 1) of an instance node. The datatype being associated can be obtained from: a simpleType definition; the simpleContent definition of a complexType. Examples with type assignment: 1 instance node with element children; 2 instance node with attribute and complexType assigned; 3 instance node with attribute and simpletype assigned; 4 instance node with attribute and complex type assigned where the node content is valid and attribute is not valid. Show that the node reports valid by the type mip.; 5 equivalence of no type and type xsd:string: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-forms/2006AprJun/att-0260/2006June14.html#ACTION3




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