The Pages of All Knowlege, or POAK, is a Web aggregation system that collects RSS feeds, flickr photos, links and the Technorati cosmos.


The system is best demonstrated by example. You have a choice between full aggregation and lite aggregation (full examples are no longer updated).

Lite Aggregation (only RSS feeds)

Full Aggregation (includes Flickr, etc)

How it works

It's quite simple. POAK reads a configuration file that has a list of RSS feeds, Flickr photo feeds, Technorati tags and Delicious feeds. It then aggregates the data and produces HTML and RSS output.

Source Code

The original goal was to learn the Technorati and Flickr APIs. I wrote the tool pretty quickly so the code isn't brilliant, but it mostly works :)

Code is made available under the W3C Software License.

Feel free to send suggestions, bug reports and patches to Dean Jackson.


A sample configuration file is available. It's pretty self explanatory. Ping me if you need help.

Running POAK

Given a configuration file "stuff.config" and a Technorati API Key of "dinoisindaclub", running POAK is just a matter of:

% python stuff dinoisindaclub


The tool relies very heavily on Mark Pilgrim's Feedparser and PyTechnorati (although see above for updated pytechnorati).

The inspiration came from talking to Tantek, looking at Planet RDF and the Technorati results pages, and a realisation that I'm missing a lot of useful data on my work.

Dean Jackson.