Introduction to RDF Query with SPARQL


Tutorial TA05

Tutorial TA05: Introduction to RDF Query With SPARQL
Room: Room 101A
Time: 9:00 - 12:30

Tutorial Presenters


09:00 Administration
09:25 Part 1: Introduction (Dave)
09:55 Part 2: Core SPARQL: Graph Patterns (Andy)
10:50 Break 10 mins
11:00 Part 3: SPARQL Datasets and GRAPH (Steve)
11:15 Part 4: SPARQL Result Forms and XML (Eric)
11:45 Part 5: SPARQL Protocol (Andy)
12:00 Part 6: Hands-on exercise (All)
12:25 Q&A and Feedback


Copyright 2005 Dave Beckett, Steve Harris, Eric Prud'hommeaux and Andy Seaborne. Terms of use are given on the main Introduction to RDF Query with SPARQL Tutorial page.