W3C Workshop on Constraints and Capabilities for Web Services

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Presentations: Use Cases

Publishing Web Service Policies
British Telecommunications
Position Paper
Layer 7 Technologies, Systinet
Web Services and Internationalization
webMethods, Inc.

Discussion: Potential Scope

  1. You must use gzip content-encoding to access this service. (constraints, configuration)
  2. The service can generate text messages in English or French. (negotiation, capabilities)
  3. The service can only be contacted between 8am and 6pm US/Pacific. (business-oriented)
  4. The MTU of my network is 1500 bytes only. (parameter)
  5. Your retry timeout must be more than 2000 milliseconds. (comparison)
  6. You must not be a basic-level customer to access this service. (negation)
  7. Contact me only if you have a privacy policy. (abstraction, validation)
  8. You can only access this information if you agree to make changes to it freely available. (postcondition)
  9. When you access this service, you may use TLS or WS-Security; but WS-Security is preferred. (preference, composition)
  10. Using TLS costs $9; using WS-Security $15. (metapolicy)
  11. Don't contact me unless you've been authorized/trusted by auth.example.org. (third-party coordination / delegation / choreography?)
  12. The <purchaseOrder> element must contains one or more <item> elements. (WSDL / XML Schema?)
  13. The next ten messages you send must be no larger than 2048 bytes. (attachment scoping)

Discussion: Scope

Discussion: Use Cases for Assertions

What Does the Framework Provide?

Discussion: Problem Domain

Presentations: Candidate Solutions (1)

WS-Policy Presentation
BEA, IBM, Microsoft, SAP
RDF for Web Services Policy Assertions
Eric Prud'hommeaux, W3C
Declarative Policies
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Position Paper

Presentations: Candidate Solutions (2)

Comparing Features/Properties and WS-Policy
Sonic Software
Position Paper
Position Paper
Sun Microsystems
Position Paper
IONA Technologies

Discussion: Candidate Solutions

Properties and Features

Semantic Web


Discussion: Deliverables

Discussion: Feedback to W3C