Compound Documents and Web Applications

W3C Workshop

San Jose, CA, 1-2 June 2004

Steve Zilles, Independent Consultant

My Background

Facilitating Compound Documents
Facilitating Interacting Applications

for Mixing Components

  1. Property Propagation
  2. Event Propagation
  3. Formatting/LineBreaking Model
  4. Timing and Animation Propagation
  5. Spell Check
  6. Search
  7. Accessibility

An example: Property Propagation

An interface that, Given a property, provides:

A Question:
What/Who is in Charge?

Which "document"?

Which capability provider?

What Then Should Happen?

A two pronged approach

  1. a practical combination
  2. a practical virtual machine

The Practical Combination

A combination of XHTML, SVG, SMIL, ...


Should have no assumption that any one component is in charge

Experience here and elsewhere leads to

The Practical Virtual Machine

What then should be provided?