Partial list of registrants

This was a scrape of the registrant list a few days before the workshop. It is neither complete nor accurate

Family Given Organization Attendance
Jackson Dean W3C/Keio all
Hickson Ian W3C Invited Experts all
Boyer John PureEdge Solutions all
May Matthew W3C/MIT day1
Baron David Mozilla Foundation all
Lilley Chris W3C/ERCIM all
Quint Vincent Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique all
Stenback Johnny Mozilla Foundation all
Raggett Dave W3C/Canon, Inc. all
Hayman Scott Research In Motion, Ltd. (RIM) all
Stark Peter ERICSSON all
Pediaditakis Michael University of Kent all
Topping Paul Design Science, Inc. all
Austin Daniel Sun Microsystems, Inc. all
Hoschka Philipp W3C/ERCIM all
Bos Bert W3C/ERCIM all
Raman T.V. IBM Corporation all
Schwerdtfeger Richard IBM Corporation all
Haase Chet Sun Microsystems, Inc. all
Hardy Vincent Sun Microsystems, Inc. all
Klotz Leigh all
Lie Håkon Wium Opera Software all
McCormack Cameron all
Eich Brendan Mozilla Foundation day2
Çelik Tantek Microsoft Corp. all
Mahe Vincent France Telecom all
Schepers Doug all
Aillon Christopher all
Hopmann Alex Microsoft Corp. all
Taylor Owen all
Lawrence Kelvin IBM Corporation all
Ley Jim all
Gersten Glen all
Dubinko Micah Cardiff Software all
Ying Charles Openwave Systems Inc. all
Vetek Akos Nokia Corporation all
Wallent Michael Microsoft Corp. all
Ferraiolo Jon Adobe Systems Inc. all
Chitturi Suresh Nokia Corporation all
Berjon Robin Expway all
Hennum Erik IBM Corporation day2
Jalava Teppo Helsinki University of Technology all
Pemberton Steven W3C/CWI all
Randall Joshua France Telecom all
Schmitz Patrick Microsoft Corp. all
Zilles Steve Massachusetts Institute of Technology all
johnson earl Sun Microsystems, Inc. all
Thropp Schawn day1
Zucker Daniel Access Company Limited all
Allen Sarah day1