Addendum to Usecases

This document describes an addendum to the DAWG User Cases' Working Draft

Inverse case of 5.1.3 Monitoring new events


Kate got interested in a news item and now wants to see TV programs that feature the news.

She wants the programs to be automatically recorded in her HDD-recorder, and she wants them to be adequetly marked-up so that she could see the spots on the item only.

And she wants an index page for the recorded items.

Her software agent can use the EPGs written in TVAnytime.

Even after she/her software agent issued the request/query, the system should automatically continue to watch the up-to-date(/time?) EPGs to collect the new TV programs, during the duration specified by her or system default. The front/summary page should be adequately updated.


2004/04/23, created by Yoshio Fukushige,