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W3C Member Organizations
  • Adobe Systems Inc. (2 representatives)
  • Afilias Limited (1 representative)
  • Alibaba Group (1 representative)
  • Apple, Inc. (3 representatives)
  • Baidu, Inc. (1 representative)
  • Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. (1 representative)
  • Center for Democracy and Technology (1 representative)
  • Deutsche Telekom AG (2 representatives)
  • Facebook (1 representative)
  • Google, Inc. (3 representatives)
  • Intel Corporation (1 representative)
  • International Webmasters Association (IWA) (1 representative)
  • Keio University (no representative)
  • Microsoft Corp. (no representative)
  • Mozilla Foundation (1 representative)
  • Nokia Corporation (2 representatives)
  • OpenLink Software Inc. (2 representatives)
  • Opera Software (2 representatives)
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (1 representative)
  • RITT (2 representatives)
  • Smart Communications Inc., (1 representative)
  • Tencent (1 representative)
  • TRUSTe (2 representatives)
  • Universidad Polit√©cnica de Madrid (1 representative)
  • Universit√© de Lyon (1 representative)
  • Yahoo!, Inc. (1 representative)
  • Yandex (1 representative)
Invited Experts
  • Christian Haigh
  • Katie Haritos-Shea
  • Renato Iannella
  • Mike O'Neill
  • Simon Rice
  • Christine Runnegar
  • Rhys Smith
  • Rob van Eijk
Team members
  • Nick Doty
  • Hirotaka Nakajima
  • Wendy Seltzer
  • Rigo Wenning

See also the list of individuals participating in this group.

Join or leave this group (see general instructions for joining this group). Advisory Committee Representatives of participating Members may also nominate or change representatives in the group.

The Call for Participation for this group was announced on 17 February 2012; see the Patent Policy FAQ for information about continued participation before re-joining the group.

Note: This group does not produce deliverables that are covered by the W3C Patent Policy and therefore have no licensing obligations related to the deliverables they produce. Participants in this group are required to fulfill the disclosure requirements of the W3C Patent Policy.

Note: All actions carried out through this system are reported by email to the relevant parties; copies are sent to w3c-archive@w3.org (Member-readable archive).

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