ISO/IEC DTR 9573-13 2nd Ed.

Information technology - SGML support facilities - Techniques for using SGML

Part 13: Public entity sets for mathematics and sciences

Martin Bryan and David Carlisle

Table of Contents

1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Definitions
4 General considerations
    4.1 Format of Descriptions
    4.2 Corresponding Display Entity Sets
5 Comparision with other sets of entity definitions
    5.1 Differences between MathML and Stix Data
    5.2 Differences between MathML and DocBook Data
    5.3 Differences between MathML and XHTML 1.1 Data
6 Character definitions requiring special review
    6.1 Duplicate entities mapped to same code point
    6.2 Entity definitions starting with a combining character
    6.3 Possible new characters
7 Character listings