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Entity Declarations

Name Unicode Glyph Unicode Name Description Aliases
aleph 02135 U02135 ALEF SYMBOL /aleph =aleph, Hebrew  
and 02227 U02227 LOGICAL AND /wedge /land B: =logical and wedge
ang90 0221F U0221F RIGHT ANGLE =right (90 degree) angle  
angsph 02222 U02222 SPHERICAL ANGLE /sphericalangle =angle-spherical  
angst 0212B U0212B ANGSTROM SIGN Angstrom =capital A, ring  
ap 02248 U02248 ALMOST EQUAL TO /approx R: =approximate TildeTilde, approx, thickapprox
becaus 02235 U02235 BECAUSE /because R: =because because, Because
bernou 0212C U0212C SCRIPT CAPITAL B Bernoulli function (script capital B) Bernoullis
bottom 022A5 U022A5 UP TACK /bot B: =perpendicular bot, perp, UpTee
cap 02229 U02229 INTERSECTION /cap B: =intersection  
compfn 02218 U02218 RING OPERATOR B: composite function (small circle) SmallCircle
cong 02245 U02245 APPROXIMATELY EQUAL TO /cong R: =congruent with TildeFullEqual
conint 0222E U0222E CONTOUR INTEGRAL /oint L: =contour integral operator oint, ContourIntegral
cup 0222A U0222A UNION /cup B: =union or logical sum  
Dot 000A8 U000A8 DIAERESIS =dieresis or umlaut mark DoubleDot
DotDot 020DC U020DC COMBINING FOUR DOTS ABOVE four dots above  
equiv 02261 U02261 IDENTICAL TO /equiv R: =identical with Congruent
exist 02203 U02203 THERE EXISTS /exists =at least one exists Exists
fnof 00192 U00192 LATIN SMALL LETTER F WITH HOOK =function of (italic small f)  
forall 02200 U02200 FOR ALL /forall =for all ForAll
ge 02265 U02265 GREATER-THAN OR EQUAL TO /geq /ge R: =greater-than-or-equal GreaterEqual, geq
hamilt 0210B U0210B SCRIPT CAPITAL H Hamiltonian (script capital H) HilbertSpace
iff 021D4 U021D4 LEFT RIGHT DOUBLE ARROW /iff =if and only if Leftrightarrow, DoubleLeftRightArrow
infin 0221E U0221E INFINITY /infty =infinity  
int 0222B U0222B INTEGRAL /int L: =integral operator Integral
isin 02208 U02208 ELEMENT OF /in R: =set membership Element, in
lagran 02112 U02112 SCRIPT CAPITAL L Lagrangian (script capital L) Laplacetrf
lang 02329 U02329 LEFT-POINTING ANGLE BRACKET /langle O: =left angle bracket LeftAngleBracket, langle
lArr 021D0 U021D0 LEFTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW /Leftarrow A: =is implied by Leftarrow, DoubleLeftArrow
le 02264 U02264 LESS-THAN OR EQUAL TO /leq /le R: =less-than-or-equal leq
lowast 02217 U02217 ASTERISK OPERATOR low asterisk  
minus 02212 U02212 MINUS SIGN B: =minus sign  
mnplus 02213 U02213 MINUS-OR-PLUS SIGN /mp B: =minus-or-plus sign mp, MinusPlus
nabla 02207 U02207 NABLA /nabla =del, Hamilton operator Del
ne 02260 U02260 NOT EQUAL TO /ne /neq R: =not equal NotEqual
ni 0220B U0220B CONTAINS AS MEMBER /ni /owns R: =contains ReverseElement, SuchThat
notin 02209 U02209 NOT AN ELEMENT OF N: negated set membership NotElement
or 02228 U02228 LOGICAL OR /vee /lor B: =logical or vee
order 02134 U02134 SCRIPT SMALL O order of (script small o) orderof
par 02225 U02225 PARALLEL TO /parallel R: =parallel parallel, DoubleVerticalBar, shortparallel
part 02202 U02202 PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL /partial =partial differential PartialD
permil 02030 U02030 PER MILLE SIGN =per thousand  
perp 022A5 U022A5 UP TACK /perp R: =perpendicular bottom, bot, UpTee
phmmat 02133 U02133 SCRIPT CAPITAL M physics M-matrix (script capital M) Mellintrf
Prime 02033 U02033 DOUBLE PRIME =double prime or second  
prime 02032 U02032 PRIME /prime =prime or minute  
prop 0221D U0221D PROPORTIONAL TO /propto R: =is proportional to propto, Proportional, varpropto
radic 0221A U0221A SQUARE ROOT /surd =radical Sqrt
rang 0232A U0232A RIGHT-POINTING ANGLE BRACKET /rangle C: =right angle bracket RightAngleBracket, rangle
rArr 021D2 U021D2 RIGHTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW /Rightarrow A: =implies Rightarrow, Implies, DoubleRightArrow
sim 0223C U0223C TILDE OPERATOR /sim R: =similar Tilde, thicksim
sime 02243 U02243 ASYMPTOTICALLY EQUAL TO /simeq R: =similar, equals TildeEqual, simeq
square 025A1 U025A1 WHITE SQUARE /square B: =square Square
sub 02282 U02282 SUBSET OF /subset R: =subset or is implied by subset
sube 02286 U02286 SUBSET OF OR EQUAL TO /subseteq R: =subset, equals SubsetEqual, subseteq
sup 02283 U02283 SUPERSET OF /supset R: =superset or implies supset, Superset
supe 02287 U02287 SUPERSET OF OR EQUAL TO /supseteq R: =superset, equals supseteq, SupersetEqual
tdot 020DB U020DB COMBINING THREE DOTS ABOVE three dots above TripleDot
there4 02234 U02234 THEREFORE /therefore R: =therefore therefore, Therefore
tprime 02034 U02034 TRIPLE PRIME triple prime  
Verbar 02016 U02016 DOUBLE VERTICAL LINE /Vert =dbl vertical bar Vert
wedgeq 02259 U02259 ESTIMATES R: corresponds to (wedge, equals)