On Wednesday 21 May 2003 Dean Jackson presented "Applications of SVG" at the WWW2003 conference. There were no formal slides, rather a collection of links to demos.


The presentation was given using a unreleased version of an SVG 1.2 viewer. It is expected that this viewer will be released to the public sometime in the Northern Hemisphere summer. Unfortunately, this means that some of the demos shown will not work on today's SVG browsers, so they have been removed.

Apart from that you'll need a Dynamic SVG 1.0/1.1 Viewer to see the demos. They have been tested with the Adobe Viewer, but not the Corel Viewer since I only have a Mac (no mac version yet).


Some of the demos contained content that was only available for display at the time, and not for distribution. These demos have also been removed from the presentation.

How To!

Like I said above, these are not typical presentation slides, rather an index file with many links to various demos. It wasn't designed to make sense out of the context of the presentation, but feel free to email me if you have questions.

Basically the index slide is like a circular OS X Dock. As you move close to it, it expands and text appears showing the name of the demo. All the little circles are links to various demos. The red circles are inactive because they have been removed from this distribution for reasons described above.

When you are done with a particular demo, just hit the back button in your browser.

It's worth taking a quick look at the source of the index file to see the direction we are heading for SVG 1.2 (rendering arbitrary XML).

Enough! Where are the demos?

The main index of the presentation. Good luck.

Can I copy this?

Yes please! Just follow the W3C software license agreement (and an attribution would be nice!).

I should thank Jared Tarbell and Yugo Nakamura for inspiration (and code) in some of these demos. They do it much better than me - I'm always too rushed to finish off the last bit that makes it great!